Roll up, roll up & join the Bloom Carousel!

Welcome to the Bloom Carousel blog! This year, instead of the usual raft of new year resolutions like giving up wine, I decided to set myself a different type of challenge to broaden my floristry skills and how I think about ‘floral composition’. What does that mean, I hear you ask, quite understandably? Well, a great flower arrangement isn’t just about the flowers. It’s about the whole shbang – that means making the most of the container or structure that the flowers are being displayed in aswell, as this can bring a whole new character and perspective. I’ve often felt quite underwhelmed by beautiful flowers displayed in mass-produced clear plastic bowls and cylinders. Yes, they look good…..but where’s their soul?

Silver rose bowls add glamour to any occasion

I think it’s a shame that there are so many unused, unloved vases in the world! (well, maybe that overdramatising it abit). But seriously, there are some really unusual pieces of table and glassware out there, particularly from early last century. They all have their story to tell and deserve to be brought out of the cupboards and listened to! They’re easy to get hold of and actually don’t cost a fortune, but they can add a whole new level of interest.

Which brings me nicely onto the challenge. 2016 will see me create fabulous floral centrepieces and structures using neglected, forgotten or unusual vases, flower frogs and rose bowls, or other mixed paraphernalia. I already have a few ideas lined up, but I will be building up my collection as the year goes on. Furthermore, you as my delightful readers are most welcome to send me ideas and I’ll try my best to incorporate them into the challenge.

Ok….so here are the rules of the game:

1. Arrangements must be based around something ‘different’, be it retro crockery and glassware, everyday items which have been ‘repurposed’, or stuff that will just in general get people talking. No fake Mason jars.

Mixed conifers from the garden

2. Where possible, flowers and foliage should be seasonal and come from the garden or locally. I accept that I will at times have to use flowers that don’t meet these rules, but let’s try to keep the flower miles, bee-bending pesticides and ultimately costs down!

3. Use of floral foam should be minimised. The great thing about the flower containers of yesteryear were that they came with reusable grids and frogs to give the structure to the arrangements. Foam wasn’t available until the 50s. Yes, yes, I know they’re a bit fiddly and sometimes the flowers go wonky but that’s all part of the challenge. No pain, no gain!

4. I’ll aim to post a new design every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on other life commitments.

5. It’s a challenge so what’s the prize? Er….not sure. Probably one of my own rose bowls which I’ll present to myself at the end.

Finally, rules are made to be broken and you may catch me cheating at times. This blog certainly isn’t going to take itself too seriously, and I also suspect the discussion will stray into the realms of the non-floral world at times. But that’s good with me if its good with you.

So sit back, breathe in the sweet scent of this bloom-filled blog, and enjoy the ride baby…



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