Spring into Spring at the Bloom Carousel!!

With Spring I hope now soon to be upon us, I’ve decided to go small this week with my floral arrangement. Not least because things in my ‘other life’ have been busy and all encompassing in the last couple of weeks and I haven’t had too much time to think about it. But more importantly, because it’s nice to be able give the opportunity to those lesser sung heroes of the floral world, the mini-superstars that we all love but who don’t often make it onto the florists’ catwalk, those that are just too dainty, too fragile, not loud enough.

Here at the Bloom Carousel, I’m all for equal opportunities and flowers, large and small, of all creed and colour, will get their chance to shine in my 2016 creations. But this week, in keeping with my desire to use home grown seasonal flowers in my arrangements, I have simply snipped a few perky snowdrops from my garden. Yep, that’s it – snowdrops!!


As with all of my arrangements, I like to tell the story behind the vase as much as I do the flowers. This little apothecary bottle was bought by my dad during the 80s at an antiques fair at the Astoria Ballroom in Harehills, Leeds, UK. Sadly, the Astoria has been demolished now to make room for…yes, you guessed it…a block of flats, but in its day, the Astoria hosted all sorts of events from tea dances, antique and collectors fairs, to wrestling matches and bands. As a child, many a happy Sunday morning was spent there with my dad, browsing through stamps, coins, PG Tips cards, and building up my treasured collection of all 21 Famous Five books.



I’m not sure at what point dad decided to start collecting apothecary bottles. Looking back on it, it probably was abit odd but you don’t question these things when you’re 8. These were the days before it was de rigeur to dust off old crockery for vintage weddings, but it now looks like he was something of a trendsetter! Some of the bottles he had were really beautiful, particularly the cobalt blue ones. Unfortunately, I can’t find the rest of them now but I can’t believe they’d have been thrown out to that great bottle bank in the sky. Ever the optimist, I’m hopeful they will appear out of a cupboard at the parental home at some point in the future….

So until then, I have to make do with this little green fella, who I hope you agree, does wonderful justice to these dapper little snowdrops. It’s quite difficult to find a container to suitably display snowdrops without completely overwhelming them. But I think they look simply perfect.


Spring – bring it on!!!

The Bloom Carousel

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