“Are we nearly there yet?”

It’s a grey and chilly Saturday in south-east England. The thermometer tells me it’s a measly 6C, although my creaky knees make me think it’s about -9C. Here at the Bloom Carousel, I am longing for summer, having felt like a small child on an endless car journey for the last 4 months. However, despite the cold, this morning I have been out in the garden, putting plans into action to make my summer dreams come true. A cornucopia of crazy Craspedia, amiable Ammi, earnest Eryngiums and euphoric Eucalyptus await me in my garden with just a little time, patience and some help from a kindly Mother Nature.

Now you could be forgiven for thinking that these look like something that Dracula might have popped out of…however, they are infact my new raised beds which come the summer, will be brimming with cascading colour. In the meantime, they need filling up with a big mound of compost before I can put any flowers in (could be quite a tedious job, given the mound is currently located at the opposite end of the garden. I may be asking for some help with that one….flutters eyelashes).


I will also be converting this:



into this:

so that I will be able to dance freeform through fields of poppies and cornflowers like that woman off the Timotei advert (remember that one?!)

Anyway, last weekend, I took the plunge and starting planting some of my indoor seeds…and guess what?? Some of the little chaps have already popped up. The really midgetty ones are Achillea, the bigger ones are Scabiosa. I also planted some Astrantia – however, I’m told these can be quite hard to get to grow and they remain peacefully sleeping on the window ledge. It has only been a week…but then I’m quite impatient!!


Of course, when I do get my first blooms of the summer, I’ll be creating some fabulous British Flower arrangements. Roll on summer….

Peace and flowers.

The Bloom Carousel

3 thoughts on ““Are we nearly there yet?”

  1. A wildflower meadow is beautiful, we only have a very small patch of garden at the front of our house but did this last year. It’s amazing how many flowers and colours you can get in such a small area and the buzzing bees make summer complete. Beautiful

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