A flower arrangement to make you smile

Last weekend was the first time I’d been able to get out and collect a bunch of floral goodies completely from my own garden. There’s a real mix of colours and textures out now and actually the arrangement I created here says more Summer to me than Spring. Hot reds and yellows, coupled with deep blues remind me of the circus and is probably not my usual style. But you know what? It’s bright, it’s jolly and it’s fun!!

A quick rummage around the garden yielded tulips (red, white and burgundy), bluebells, white and pink bluebells (not sure what they’re called, but you know what I mean!!) some late double narcissi, and a couple of blossoming twigs from our old plum tree. I’ve also discovered the delights of the whacky ‘kerria japonica’ with its branches of fluffy orange buttons, which I think you’ll agree give this arrangement an extra electric zing!


I’ve used a silver plated rose bowl to display these in. I have a few of these now, in different shapes and sizes. I like them because they look posh, have loads of character…but actually, you can pick them up for a few pounds on eBay. Best thing is that you can do fantastic, robust displays without any oasis is sight! This is one of the larger IANTHE ones and comes with a plastic frog inside which keeps the flowers in place.


On a different tack, the seedlings I showed in my last post have come on leaps and bounds. With the recent chilly spell, I haven’t been brave enough to plant them out yet, I’ll give them another week or so before I leave them at the mercy of the elements (and the slugs!). Has any one ever tried copper tape to repel slugs, by the way? I won’t use slug pellets on them, but I don’t want them munching my much nurtured blooms either!


Anyway, that’s it for this week but I will be posting again soon and telling you about my latest ‘bluebell only’ arrangement. Here’s a sneak peak 🙂



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