One hundred years on…and you still make me smile

I have been a little tardy in writing this blog for bluebell season has been and gone near me in Buckinghamshire. However, whilst they were in full bloom, I did get the chance to raid my garden and bring some of these beauties indoors. We have blue, white and pink ones although I chose not to use the pink ones in this arrangement.

I found this lovely bowl to put the bluebells in which goes perfectly and gives them a real vintage feel. My mum’s elderly next door neighbour, when she was moving out of her home about 20 years ago, gave us a Christmas cactus that she no longer wanted in that bowl. The cactus still lives on, although as with most Christmas cactuses, it is highly temperamental as to if/when it chooses to flower!!

I used crumpled up chicken wire to hold the arrangement. As you can imagine, it actually took quite a lot of flowers to fill it because they are quite narrow and the bowl itself is low and wide. Nevertheless, they create a stunning display and the scent from them was heavenly…

I did a quick google on the tureen itself which suggests that this was made around 1920 by Till and Sons in Stoke-on-Trent. Nearly 100 years on, I think it’s fantastic that it is still here to make me smile!

By the way, if you do ever get chance to go to Staffordshire and the potteries, it is well worth a visit. Aside from all the wonderful potteries themselves, and some VERY BIG chimneys, there is the Gladstone Museum which takes you through the history, life and times of the potters around Stoke-on-Trent, and has a particularly unusual exhibition of toilets through the ages. As I suspect with most people, this particularly stuck in my mind! It is great fun – interesting and pretty silly! Actually, the most memorable bits for me were the displays of bathrooms from the 70s and 80s – those lurid peach, avocado and orange suites seemed so normal at the time! My parents had a turquoise one which in retrospect, was probably one of the more sensible shades.

Outside the Gladstone Museum

Want to know more about the Stoke-on-Trent potteries? Check out:

Gladstone Pottery Museum

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