Spring Bulbs are here

It’s been quite a while since I last updated my blog, not least because so much has been going on!! I got a new greenhouse last autumn which I have been busy pottering around in, and sowing endless trays of seeds ready for this spring and summer. Christmas came and went in a cornucopia of festive wreaths and decorations. I’ve been working with florist friends on weddings and events. And I think most exciting of all, I’ve now been able to extend my growing space out substantially so that I can grow many more flowers, with much greater diversity that I was able to last year. So, yes, a lot to catchup on!

Perhaps for this blog, I’ll keep it just to the growing space. I took on an allotment last October. It was completely overgrown with grass – you can see from the pics, it was more like a small field! Anyway, many hours and backbreaking digging (and cups of Yorkshire Tea), and ta da!! It’s all dug over and is full of flowers! Well, not quite… it has been dug over in eager anticipation of being able to plant a summer full of blooms in there. But for the moment, it sits in wait, with the exception of the top end which is full of tulips. I know, I know….not quite the fields of Keukenhof (which will be the subject of a future blog), but it’ll do for me.

I’m growing tulips Cream Upstar, Angelique, Ganders Rhapsody, and some general mixed singles and doubles to bring some joy to the sometimes temperamental April days. Also, in there are some anemones and allium sphaerocephalon, although they won’t flower for a while yet.

I’ll be posting a lot more pictures of my flowers in the coming months. Check back on my blog to see what’s growing!

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