A visit to Keukenhof

At the end of March, I had the pleasure of visiting Keukenhof in the Netherlands – home of vast expanses of stripey tulip fields. I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos – endless lines of vivid reds, yellows and pinks. It reminds me of the stripey carpet in the Clarks shoe shop in Leeds where I was taken as a small child to get my new shoes. Me being small…and the shop being big….it was a new and wonderful linear land….

We were actually a bit early to see the main tulip fields and they were a few weeks away from being in full bloom, in fact, I think they have come out round about now. Nevertheless, there were still plenty of tulips there….there is a big tent with an exhibition of what seems like every tulip imaginable, albeit, I’m sure there are many more! I stayed away from trying to pick a single favourite or make myself a shopping list! There was just too many, each one unique and loveable in their own right.

The gardens are also wonderful to walk around. At the time, they were full of crocuses, again, all different types, sizes and colours, and made all the better by some lovely unusually warm spring weather.

Here are some photos. Have you ever been there?

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