Tulipmania 1

Last November, I did the seriously back-breaking job of digging two long trenches in my new allotment that obviously hadn’t been dug over for several years: pulling out all of the weeds, and filling it up with lots and lots of lovely tulips. At the time, it felt HARD!! And one had to wonder whether it was all going to be worth it, toiling with my spade in the icy Chiltern air.

Under starters orders….

I planted a variety of tulips, specially chosen to give a range of different types, and more importantly, a range of different flowering times to give me a continuous supply from late March through to May (the best laid plans, huh??) I planted:

– mix of early flowering singles, great for just a jolly chaos of colour, and always a best seller at the farmers market

– a batch of mixed doubles (no, I don’t play tennis!)

– Ganders Rhapsody – stunning and HUGE pinky red tulip which I couldn’t take my eyes off!!

– Creme Upstar – flowers like a scoop of raspberry ripple ice cream

– Angelique – dainty, pretty….a favourite with the brides.


All was quiet through December and January whilst the little ladies readied themselves out in the field….then come February, they started to appear, the odd one or two peaking through the frosty soil initially…..and then in their droves!! The earliest signs of Spring were back!!

Angeliques (nearest), then Ganders Rhapsody and general mix further away

Well, five months on from those back-breaking Saturday afternoons out in the freezing cold, and I can tell you, it has been all worth it!! Here’s a little taster of some of the earliest… but I’ll be writing a sequel to this blog, imaginatively named Tulipmania 2 where you’ll see more gorgeous pics of my homegrown tulips.

A freshly picked hoard, ready to go the farmers market
A photograph of general happiness

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