Tulipmania 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted Tulipmania 1, where I described all the tulips I’d planted last year. With tulip season now pretty much over, I thought it worth writing its gripping sequel, Tulipmania 2, and providing a few pics of them all in their glory…

Here are some photos of a few of the tulips I grew and some reflections on them:

Ganders Rhapsody (top left): these were just incredible. Absolutely huge deep red-blush coloured kings of the tulip. These lasted ages and were a complete showstopper. Understated they are not!!

Angelique (top right): in stark contrast to the Ganders Rhapsody were the fluffy pink Angeliques. I must admit, I was abit ambivalent towards these, pretty though they are. They are quite delicate by comparison and I had occasional problems with stems snapping on them during conditioning that I have never had with other tulips. I think this was due to extremely dry weather we had had and then rehydrating them too quickly. Abit like the tulip version of a stretch mark!!

Creme Upstar (bottom left): Cheery balls of raspberry ripple ice cream. Yum!!

Rentaghost (bottom right): Thats’s not its real name…..but does anyone remember Mr Claypole from the childrens’ 80’s tv programme Rentaghost?? This tulip reminds me of him! If you remember the programme, you’ll know what I mean.

Mixed bunches (below): I had mixed singles and doubles. These were great for selling bunched up at local markets. A real carousel of colour!!


I am now selling my homegrown blooms locally around South Buckinghamshire. I recently had a pitch at the Bourne End Community Craft Market which was great fun -an absolutely gorgeous sunny day to say it was still April. I hope to be back at BECCMARK in the coming months as my seasonal flowers burst into bloom.

I’ve also started thinking about next year (yes already!!) There were so many beautiful tulips on display this year, and it made me think that I would like to grow some more unusual varieties, especially after my visit to Keukenhof which you can read about here.

The final question… to lift or not to lift, to reuse or not reuse. I am going to be leaving my tulip bulbs where they are, apart from a few rogues which I will lift in order to move to more suitable locations. I have always had good success with tulips coming back year on year, so I plan to leave them snug underground and plant some annuals over them. I’ve given them all a good feed Just whilst the foliage is dying down so that they can build up their energy for next year. As I said above, I’ll also be planting some more just in case I don’t have success with them coming back to a good quality. And because I love them!!

Which tulips would you recommend I grow next year? I’m particularly thinking about some more doubles and/or some parrot tulips. Any suggestions?



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