Hello! My name is Sarah and I’m passionate about growing beautiful British flowers. There’s something hugely satisfying about knowing that the flowers in the vase on the kitchen table have been nurtured without the use of pesticides and artificial chemicals and have been ‘grown not flown’. I am proud to say that my flowers provide sustainable habitats for bees, ladybirds, hedgehogs, frogs, and our other garden friends.

2016 saw me take my first serious steps into growing flowers for others. I started with some much loved classics – cornflowers, peonies, nigella and fragrant sweetpeas. During 2017, I tripled my growing space and started selling flowers at local markets and taking bookings for weddings and funerals.

I haven’t always been a flower grower. I spent my early days as a research chemist, before spending many years as a project manager in the energy sector. Changing career to flower growing is challenging-elating-thrilling-fun….all at once!! I’m delighted to see that British Flowers are experiencing a real resurgence in popularity and it’s incredibly exciting to be part of it, particularly through my membership of Flowers From the Farm who relentlessly champion the British cut flower industry.

You can keep up to date with my floral adventures (and some flowery memories aswell) on my blog. Click follow at the bottom of this page and/or be blooming social with me on Facebook and Instagram (@bloomcarousel) so that you never miss out on an update again. Do please get in touch to arrange a free consultation if you would like memorable flowers for a wedding, special occasion or simply for yourself!

Love, peace and petals